I photograph a diverse range of subjects, from landscape and the natural world, from abstract monochrome to Formula 1, and many things in between. I hope you enjoy looking at my images.

The galleries are always being updated. They contain new work as well as a selection of images from years past. Latest uploads appear at the start of a gallery. After a short time I rearrange the images into order, so that for example all night shots appear together.
The main galleries are listed on the right - some contain sub-portfolios.

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News & Blog

Skokholm Work Party April 2014
15th April 2014
The buildings require maintenance before the arrival of visitors. Despite the bad winter storms only a bit of guttering was damaged, but there's still plenty of work that needs doing. Not just the farm but the lighthouse too. And then there's the puffins.
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Autosport International 2014
24th January 2014
I recently attended Autosport International 2014 at the NEC. I missed out going last year, so I was quite looking forward to it.
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Scarecrow Festival
02nd October 2013
The last weekend in September saw the second Pattingham Scarecrow Festival.
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The Our Town Exhibition Opens
13th September 2013
After several months of hard but enjoyable work, an exhibition of people's personal shopping memories opens to the public
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Our Town Shopping Memories
25th June 2013
A project being run by the Central Youth Theatre aims to preserve people’s memories of shopping in Wolverhampton which as it happens is one of the original twelve Portas Pilot towns.
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Cosford Air Show 2013
10th June 2013
After the washouts of the last couple of years it was a relief to attend the show in perfect conditions. Add some historic and iconic aircraft and you’ve a great day out.
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Skokholm Work Party March – April 2013
31st March 2013
The winter months take their toll in such an exposed location. Plenty of work needs to be done in a short time before visitors arrive. Despair when I found the jetty was still half demolished. Would it get done?
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Dream Island Series on ITV Wales
14th September 2012
It’s got it all, from Ronald Lockley’s struggle and dream of living on an island between the two world wars, the wildlife, to the work of today’s volunteers and building restoration. If you’re in Wales, tune in to ITV or set the recorder at 8 pm for the next six weeks.
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Halloween Figures People and Portraits
(Contains 24 photos)
This gallery contains images of people in their environment and portraits both in the studio or on location.
Oak Leaf 1 Close Up & Still Life
(Contains 113 photos)
Take a different angle and look at things close up. Still life is not just about arrangements of fruit! It covers a multitude of different objects.
Patterdale Village Store Lake District
(Contains 74 photos)
The English Lake District is a very popular attraction for many people. As well as landscapes, you'll find other images specific to this area here.
Audi Quattro Transport
(Contains 53 photos)
Transport encompasses any vehicle or machine that allows travel. You'll find all sorts of transport related images here, from the vehicles themselves be they cars, trams etc., close up details and, and objects related to transport.
Fashion & Glamour Fashion & Glamour
(Contains 74 photos)
A series of images covering fashion, lingerie and glamour subjects.
Formby Pine Forest 3 Landscapes
(Contains 66 photos)
This gallery contains a selection of landscapes mostly from around the British Isles, as well as some further afield. Although far flung locations are always interesting, never ignore your own doorstep. After all, you know it best.
Jackdaw Natural World
(Contains 147 photos)
The natural world encompasses all forms of wildlife including birds, animals, insects, plants and fungi, as well as geological features. The intricate detail of any of these can make for a picture in it's own right. Latest uploads can be seen below. View the specific galleries for more images.
January 2010 POTM Archive
(Contains 100 photos)
This is a repository for previous 'Picture of the Month' images, which start from August 2006.
Trap Works Office in Sepia Monochrome
(Contains 38 photos)
Once an image is bereft of colour, it relies on form, tone and contrast. Not every image works so well in shades of grey, but some have more appeal, impact or power. Despite the 'digital' age now upon us, mono is ironically more popular than it has been for quite a while. Less is more.
Telephone Lucky Dip
(Contains 27 photos)
Here's a collection of images that don't easily fall into the categories covered by the other portfolios. You never quite know what you'll find, hence the title of this gallery.
Alnwick Castle Manipulated
(Contains 8 photos)
Digital manipulation can take many forms, from simple tweaks to full scale montages.
Tornado Explosion Action
(Contains 9 photos)
This gallery contains images of physical activity from sports to outdoor activities and movement in general.